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Brace yourself. Winter is still here, for some reason…

Winter reigns. The Baba Yaga’s cruel daughter, Elvanna, has taken her mother captive to prevent her replacement as the Queen of Winter, and plans to replace the seasons with a frigid grasp that will enfold the entire world as her empire. The wounded Black Rider, one of the three heralds of the Baba Yaga, is the only one of her closest servants to evade the Queen’s trap.

Heroes gather. A warrior, a Summoner and his many-eyed Hound, a bloodrager, a half-feral huntress, and a Wolf of Unusual Size, band together to stop Elvanna and return summer to the lands they love,

Welcome to the Reign of Winter.

Campaign Timeline

The Snows of Summer
The Shackled Hut
Maiden, Mother, CroneCURRENT
The Frozen Stars
Rasputin Must Die!
The Witch Queen’s Revenge

Campaign Artifacts

The Hut of the Baba Yaga, aka the MORDIS

Main Page

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