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  • Wolf The Puppy

    WTP: NOT A PUPPY DAMMIT. Also, TOTALLY the party leader. GM: Totally a puppy. *tosses a stick* WTP: *sprints in high-velocity pursuit of stick* STILL NOT A PUPPY, AND ALSO ABSOLUTELY NOT A DOGE!

  • Runar Halvarsson

    Runar had been content with his life. He was well-liked in Heldren. He had a good chance of inheriting his father's smithy in a few years. A man could do worse for himself. Then one spring came and went, and the snow on the ground never melted. Strange …

  • Jonas Albericht

    Jonas Albreicht's uniquely strong force of personality was noted at a young age. He was sent to learn magic from a particular summoner of note, and left to be apprenticed at a very young age (as leaving potential mages to possibly discover their gifts …

  • Hound of the Twilight Watcher

    The Hound of the Twilight Watcher is the eidolon of Jonas Albriecht. The Hound believes that Jonas has been chosen for greatness by the Watcher, and that he has been sent to guide him along the path. (The fact that the Hound has no idea how to get Jonas …

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