Wolf The Puppy

Wuffie Of Unusual Size (Now With Halo!)


An adolescent wolf of tremendous (and still increasing) size; exuberantly gregarious with friends, eats enemies and complains of their taste. Lately upgraded with a halo of dubious provenance, allowing her to Smite Evil LIKE A BOSS*!

*a Boss may or may not be distinguishable from a Level 7 Paladin.

Strength 26
Dexterity 16
Constitution 19
Intelligence 3
Wisdom 12
Charisma 6

CMD 28
HP 60
AC 25
Fort 10
Reflex 8
Will 4

DR 5/Evil
Energy Resistance 10/Cold, 10⁄Acid, 10⁄Electricity
Spell Resistance 11

Bite: 13 attack, 2d612 damage and automatic +13 trip, 15’ reach

Primal Bite: 14 attack, 2d613 damage and automatic +14 trip, 15’ reach

Primal Claw (x2): 14 attack, 1d69 damage and free +18 grapple, 10’ reach

Primal Rake (x2 per Grapple): 14 attack, 1d69 damage, 10’ reach

Power Attack w/Furious Focus: No penalty on first attack, -2 penalty to others, +6 damage bite, +4 damage others.


WTP: NOT A PUPPY DAMMIT. Also, TOTALLY the party leader.

GM: Totally a puppy. tosses a stick

WTP: sprints in high-velocity pursuit of stick STILL NOT A PUPPY, AND ALSO ABSOLUTELY NOT A DOGE!

Wolf The Puppy

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