Dorothy, Oracle of Heaven's Mystery

Supporting NPC


Str 7, -4
Dex 13, 3
Con 13, 3
Int 13, 3
Wis 13, 3
Cha 16, 10

Size/Type: Small Humanoid (gnome)
Hit Dice: 5d8+10 (33 hp)
Initiative: 1
Speed: 20 ft.
Armor Class: 16 (
1 Size, 1 Dex, +4 chain shirt)
BAB/CMB/CMD: +3/-2/9
Special Qualities:
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Base Saves: Fort1 +3, Ref1 +2, Will4 +6
Abilities: Str 4, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 20
Skills: Craft(alchemy)3 +10, Diplomacy5 +13 (
15 with cantrip, 17 with spell), Knowledge(planes)5 +10, Knowledge(religion)5 +10, Perform(Sing)2 +9, Sense Motive*5 +10, Spellcraft5* +12
Feats: Minor Binding (Tree, Goodberry)1, Improved Minor Binding (Twilight Watcher, Replenishing Fire)3, Greater Minor Binding (Twilight Watcher, Starsong)5
Traits: Elemental Pupil (Fire) (
1 damage to fire spells), Volatile Conduit (1/day, +1d4 damage for fire spell)
Challenge Rating:

low-light vision
+2 to Craft(alchemy)

Awesome Display (-5 on HD of creatures affected by Pattern spells)
Spray of Shooting Stars (2/day, 5d6 Ref half, 5’ radius burst)

Oracle’s Curse:
-4 on weapon attacks

Spells: 6+1/4+1 per day
0 6:
Enhanced Diplomacy (target get +2 Diplomacy or Intimidate on next check)
Create Water
Detect Magic

1 [4+1]: Color Spray (DC 16 will
Cure Light Wounds (1d8+5)
Karmic Blessing (target treats skill as trained)
Moment of Greatness (all allies within 50’ can double a morale bonus for one check)
Tap Inner Beauthy (+2 to Cha and Cha-based skill checks
Command (DC 15 Will, one-word command)
*Burning Hands (DC 15 Ref half, 5d4 fire in cone)

2 [2+1]: Hypnotic Pattern (DC 17 will,
Enthrall (hold any creatures in Medium range enthralled while singing)
Lesser Restoration
*Scorching Ray
*Flaming Sphere

Binder level: 5 (+2 to Perform(Sing) and Spellcraft, can take 10 on both in starlight, 5/day Replenishing Fire which heals 5 HP

Watcher-in-Twilight (reskin with slight ability tweaks of Cave Mother)
The Watcher has many aspects, the better to see all that there is to be seen. This particular aspect has chosen to gaze upon Golarion, and on one summoner in particular.

Level: 1st
Binding DC: 15

  • The seal is drawn at dusk or dawn.
  • You are a summoner or have made peaceful contact with a pseudonatural creature.
  • You embellish the seal with geomantic symbols, requiring 4 ranks in Spellcraft.

Ceremony: You find the location of the Watcher-in-Twilight in the sky based on your diagram and stare upwards. Soon, distance, weather, and even physical barriers such as a cavern roof fade away and you see yourself in the far vastness above the world, and, in turn, are seen.

Manifestation: The Watcher sends aspects, some appearing as black-colored animals with additional eyes, and some as obviously pseudonatural creatures.

Minor granted abiliites:
Starsong: You gain an insight bonus on Perform(Sing) and Spellcraft checks equal to half your level, and may take 10 on these checks if you use them underneath the night sky.

Replenishing Fire: You may touch a creature as a full-round action to imbue them with the eternal fire at the heart of the stars. This heals the creature HP equal to your binder level and sustains them as though they had eaten a day’s worth of meals. A given creature may only benefit from one use of Replenishing Fire per binder level per 24 hours.
Physical Sign: You appear badly sunburnt, and your voice becomes hoarse and raspy. (This is less of a demand by the Watcher-In-Twilight, and more because a poor pact involves a little too much UV and singing.)

Personality: You become emotional and affected by beautiful, wondrous, or horrible sights, seeking to gaze upon them regardless of any social consequences. (You retain enough presence of mind to avert your gaze from creatures with gaze attacks and the like.)

Ally: Arcane spellcasters.

Enemy: Undead


Dorothy, Oracle of Heaven's Mystery

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